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Why Denki ?

Denki concept

At Denki, we know outages are annoying for home and businesses. Even worse, when the backup generator system itself fails. Too often, in 1 or 2 years, a backup system fails to start and needs service. We researched the most common problems, and the lifetime of components. We talked to home and business owners. We’re Passionate in creating the quietest, simplest, and fail-safe Backup System in the market – our Denki Generating Set. Optimized for Noise-reducing & safety performance, Ease of Use, Flawless product finish, and Economical performance, we’ve come up with a Superior Generating Set you can rely on for the next 15-20 years. No Outages. No Compromise. Simple.

Silent & Safe


Original Japan-made Yanmar engine combined with fire-retardant acoustic material & smart design achieves near-ambient noise performance.

Learn more about our reviews from our customers:

“Ngga sadar Genset nyala pas ngobrol… ternyata lagi mati lampu”
– Michael, Home Owner




We know real estate is expensive. Reducing our product volume more than 20%*than equivalent competitors, we’ve achieved greater flexibility in placing the Generator Set anywhere at home. Not to mention our Silent models are finished with quality weatherproof paints.

Learn more from our customer review:

“Awalnya ga yakin ini ukuran 20kVA, sekarang proyek saya bisa hemat material untuk Genset Room”
– Herry, Building Contractor


Ease of Use

denki front

Simple is Beautiful. Our functional Display Panel – with all essential indicators for Users. Online Monitoring options available to alert technicians to solve issues before they come.

Learn more how techies love our system:

“Sekarang bisa lihat semua maintenance record, dari jauh pun sekarang saya sudah bisa pandu customer untuk troubleshoot.”
– Adhi, Technician




Backup system is an investment. Most owners* expect to keep their gensets for 15-20 years, and make the most of it. Our industry-recognized Yanmar Engines are small yet powerful, built in Japan, has one of the best fuel economy, ready for B30 biodiesel standards. Combined with Stamford Generator that comes with standard 3-year Warranty, we’ve designed your Generator Set to last a long time.

Learn more from our customer review: 
“Suara paling halus, trouble-free, teknisi selalu ada, saya recommend Denki untuk pemakaian 24/7”

– Halim, Business Owner


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